April 16, 2017 – The Resurrection of the Lord

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We made it! 40 days of Lent. Maybe for some you this Lent was really tough, for others it was an easy and welcomed challenge, and for some perhaps it felt like a Lent where we slacked, cheated, or just totally ignored our “desert” time.

Whatever the case, Jesus rejoices in who you are and desires to meet you where you are. For me personally, the traditions of Lent and Easter always stir up some nostalgic feelings of my childhood, especially in regards to loved ones who have now passed on to the next life. Our own experiences of suffering, loss and grief help us to identify with the story of how the women came to the tomb that first morning of the week.

We know the feelings (some too well) of sadness, confusion, desolation, and just emptiness. And, indeed the women found the tomb empty. Easter is about the empty tomb. Death doesn’t have the final say. Hope and new life boldly piece our hearts with the Resurrection. These feelings of sadness and heaviness now turn into rejoicing because something new is born.

St. John Paul II put it this way: “…Christ’s Resurrection is the strength, the secret of Christianity. It is not a question of mythology or of mere symbolism, but of a concrete event. It is confirmed by sure and convincing proofs. The acceptance of this truth, although the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s grace, rests at the same time on a solid historical base. On the threshold of the third millennium, the new effort of evangelization can begin only from a renewed experience of this Mystery, accepted in faith and witnessed to in life….”

What do we do in the midst of our emptiness? Do we celebrate the glory of the Resurrection with our family and friends?

As we experience new life and an Easter season of ALLELUIAS, we can also remember the nostalgia, the emptiness, the grief, but the promises that we and our loved ones will experience the resurrection as well. Hope springs forward from the empty tomb!


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