August 5, 2012 – Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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There is a leftover chocolate bunny from Easter in my freezer. It is not the drug store kind of chocolate, but the good kind that is rich and creamy; the kind of chocolate that you eat slowly. This chocolate bunny is no bigger than my hand, but it seems to have some kind of magical power and it calls to me. I used to see it every time I opened the freezer, so I moved it.  Still it calls to me. When I am in my chair watching television, it calls to me. When I am in the kitchen looking for something healthy to eat….it calls to me.  When I walk in the door from working out….it calls to me. When I am sad or lonely or upset….it calls to me.

I am bound and determined though, not to answer that call.  I am really trying to make positive changes in my life. I have lost 40 pounds this year and am feeling pretty good about that….but yet…the bunny, it calls to me. I once heard someone say, maybe it was Dr. Oz, that you are what you eat. If that were true, I would rather be a little chocolate bunny hopping around the kitchen than a lump of broccoli sitting in the strainer in the sink. I mean chocolate is good for you, right? Not good in the broccoli kind of way, but good for the soul. That’s what I used to tell myself.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells us that He is the Bread of Life. Those who eat of this Bread will never hunger. This concept opens up a whole can of worms….I mean this concept opens up a whole bag of jelly beans (I would never eat worms….fried or otherwise). Maybe it would be a good time to ask – what do you hunger for?  Do you hunger for approval, for money, for fame, for success….for love? How do you respond to your hunger?  Do you fill your emptiness with meaningless relationships, gossip, power plays or chocolate bunnies? Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is the energy that will propel us in all that we do. He will sustain us for eternity. Jesus calls to us in the Eucharist. He will fill our emptiness….He will quell our hunger.  If we are what we eat, than I’d rather be unconditional love than a chocolate bunny or a lump of broccoli!  I want to be better than I am. There may be a little chocolate bunny hiding behind the ice cube tray in my freezer calling me; but the Lord of Heaven and Earth is calling to us in the Eucharist. He calls to us when we are lonely, sad, joyful, upset or tired. He calls to us even if we try to pretend that we don’t see Him or that He is not there. But He is there….waiting for us.

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