December 18, 2016 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

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“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”….words we sing throughout Advent. I remember as a child not only singing this song every Sunday during Advent but my family sang this each evening at dinner all through the Advent season. At times it felt tiresome…the tune became rote and I rarely paid attention to what we were singing.

But I should have. There was something very beautiful and powerful about those words. Emmanuel. God With Us. Promised from the beginnings of scripture…Isaiah tell us “A virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel” (Is. 7:14)

A Savior is promised…God in our midst. Man and God. Incarnate. The King of Glory, yet comes to earth as a fragile human. Sent to be with us. To save us. To bring us new life. Little fingers and little toes that will one day bear the weight of a cross and three nails. Born in the most humble of places, yet a King. Raised in simplicity, yet the Lord of the Universe. Humbled Himself so that we could be free.  Something beautiful and powerful.

We spend the month of December preparing. Preparing for Christmas we decorate our trees, purchase gifts and wrap them in shiny paper, we light candles each Advent Sunday, hang wreaths on our doors…all in preparation of a glorious day of celebration! In the same way we prepare our homes…we should prepare our hearts. The Savior of the world…Jesus Christ…Emmanuel…God With Us!

As we prepare our hearts for the Savior…let us spend some time in prayer and reflection of this most precious gift given to us this Christmas, and every Christmas. Advent is a time to remember the many gifts we have in our lives, the most blessed our relationship with our God. Find some space. Make some room. Prepare a place. For this most Holy One, the Savior, longs to find space in your heart. In every heart. “Let every heart, prepare Him room….”

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