February 21, 2016 – Second Sunday of Lent

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My Pocket Jesus

Jesus, You have changed my life. In ways I will never know, You have saved me from myself.

That one time, at that one retreat, or in that one sermon, I felt You. I could tangibly sense Your arms around me.

And so, I sign up for the same retreat and have high expectations of every sermon to take me back to that exact same peace.

Jesus, why don’t You embrace me like You once did, when and where I want You to? I keep doing the same things that have made me feel close to You in the past, and it’s like You don’t show up. So I try to put You in my pocket, for there I know You will be, but You still manage to escape. Why don’t You just make my faith comfortable?

Have you ever felt this way? God has done amazing things to your heart, but you are constantly feeling like He doesn’t do it again, in the same manner He did before.

Many call this the “mountaintop experience.” This intense intimacy with God, often for the first time, is experienced in all kinds of personal ways. For example, going to Midnight Mass, the adoration night at the mega-conference, confession on a retreat, holding your newborn as they are baptized, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This list goes on, and God often seeks out these opportunities to indeed have a personal conversation with our hearts.

However, God is the God of the whole world. Not just of that special church, not just of that arena, not just of that retreat center, not just of that Baptismal font, not just of the city your plane lands in.

God wants to get out of our pockets and wants us to have our eyes and hearts open to see and feel Him elsewhere, in the every day.

“Master, it is good that we are here;
let us make three tents,
one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah,” said Peter, or “Get into my pocket and stay there.”

This Lent, let us not just seek out God in the normal places or the typical situations. Let’s find Him in the uncomfortableness, in the poverty, in the secular. Let’s bring Him out of our pockets and into our lives, out of our convenience and into our messes. For that’s where He wants to be, among the suffering, among the poor, and in every aspect of your life.

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