January 26, 2014 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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There’s Nothing Ordinary about a Life with Jesus!  Even though we are in the period known as “ordinary time”, we are still called to look at the awesome things that God does in and through us.

In our readings today we see the common theme of Jesus doing marvelous things in the lives of His followers.  In the first reading we see how God has turned His people’s sorrow into joy.  When has God turned a sad/upsetting situation for you into a joyful one?  Where can you help someone see joy in their tough times?

In the Responsorial Psalm, which is my favorite Psalm, we see how mighty our God is.  It is because of him we have the joy we are called to have and share as His followers.  Do people want to know more about Jesus when they see mad, upset, or depressed Catholics/Christians?  Or are people more drawn to knowing Christ when they see how joyful we are knowing Who we are and Whose we are?  Pope Francis calls us to be a people of love so that we can draw more people to receive the loving message of Jesus Christ through our faith.

The second reading reminds us that we are called to be united in Christ.  Yes, it is our human nature to divide ourselves by race, sex, geography, socioeconomic status, etc., but we are all called to be unified in Christ.  Does that mean we all have to be the same?  Not at all.  We are called to respect each other’s differences and know that our diversity is gift from God that shows the true “universality” of our Catholic faith.  How awesome is that?

In the Gospel we see the reference to the Book of Isaiah which states “the people in darkness have seen a great light.”  When was the last time you thought of Jesus as that “great light” in your life?  Where does His light need to shine stronger in your life?  What areas of “darkness” do you need to address and get rid of?

During this “ordinary time” I would ask that you look at your life and see where you can improve to be a better disciple.  Also, look around you and see where you can bring Christ’s love to your neighbors.  I promise you, your life will be forever improved, because there is nothing ordinary about a life with Jesus!

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