June 7, 2015 – The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

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These readings focus on sacrifices that end in spiritual cleansing. The first two sacrificial readings focus on the blood of animals, and the final focuses on the sacrifice of Jesus and God. We might wonder how God sacrifices, but I can say as a father that I would much rather suffer than watch my children suffer. Our Creator watched while His Son was tortured to death.

In the reading of the Passover, Jesus not only offers His Blood and Body, but He also gives thanks for being able to do so. This is all about sacrificial gratitude. The word for “give thanks” is Eulogio, the root word for Eulogy.

In my work with institutionalized foster teens and inmates, I often ask, “Do you have someone in your memory who was grateful to sacrifice something for you?” Think about it for a minute. That person is a living Eucharist to you. They are thankful for their sacrifice.
How can you translate your life into one of giving with gratitude? Emptying self gratefully for others? Often I will hear people say, “You can’t give to others if you aren’t whole.” I completely disagree. The way to wholeness is giving—especially to those who are worse off than ourselves. Every town has someone we can find to give to, someone more in need than we are – in a rest home, a children’s ward of a hospital or the daycare at a shelter. Find them, give and become whole.

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