June 8, 2014 – Pentecost Sunday

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GETTING INTO THE SPIRIT.  When we hear about Pope Francis having his own Twitter account, we are challenged in new ways to think about our Catholic faith and our church involvement. Initially, we can just be surprised that Pope Francis is such a regular guy, entering into the ways most folks communicate. As we listen and chat with friends ourselves, we can tune into the ideas and activities of the pope. We can observe and learn from his daily homilies and his weekly messages to the crowds.

Today is Pentecost Sunday, a high holy day in the life of the Church! It marks what happened ‘to the disciples gathered’ at the start of the week. Though they gathered in fear because their leader had been cruelly killed, they emerged full of new energy and hope for the future. Gathered, they had the opportunity to remember what Jesus taught them and modeled for them. Sharing a meal and washing one another’s feet was required; putting their goods in common was recommended, so that all might have ‘some’ at least. The Spirit of the Jesus they knew and loved in life came upon them in a new way, and they were somehow changed for the better. Whatever happened that marvelous day when they were gathered was spectacular; hard to describe. You had to have been there to get the drift! That Holy Spirit of Jesus dug deep into their souls and filled them with passion for the mission – to bring about God’s will and way there among the people; and not just the Jews, but all people, people of every persuasion. Whatever happened inside of that room, the disciples left full of knowledge and courage and fortitude and the ability to suffer for the faith.  A miracle?

Today, we too are invited to the gathering, to the ‘upper room’ where the deep faith is lived and where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are renewed in us and can refresh us for the works of service we are called to in our life situations. Jesus’ indwelling Spirit is given to us again to strengthen and enable us to be His presence in our world. Come Holy Spirit; fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love for all we meet.

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