March 23, 2014 – Third Sunday of Lent

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I’m the techie. My wife calls herself the clueless wonder. If something computer-cell-phoneish is going to go wrong, it will be under her watch. She’ll tell you she doesn’t try to be behind the times, she just doesn’t see the point in trying to keep up. “I mean, is anyone ever really able to keep up with technology?” she says. “How many upgrade notifications have you gotten over the last month about whatever do-dads and thingamabobs you have on your phone?” And she’s right. Let’s face it, as soon as we get the “next best thing” a next-er best-er thing comes knocking at our cyber doors. It’s pointless. No matter how up-to-date our systems are, they will never be enough.

Never enough. That’s essentially what Jesus is telling the Samaritan woman in Sunday’s Gospel. Never enough. “This is Jacob’s well we’re drinking from,” she tells Him. “You know, Jacob? As in the Twelve Tribes? Our forefather? How can you get better than this?” And Jesus points out what she already knows, “It may be great, but you still get thirsty again…don’t you?” So she tries again, “Well, we worship here on this mountain just like all our ancestors did. Pretty impressive, right?” Nope. “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.” Oops. It’s not enough. You need an upgrade. Jesus is offering this woman Truth that doesn’t need an upgrade. He’s offering her His life, His peace, His forgiveness. Whatever she has used to justify herself to this point has no choice but to blow away like so much ash.

And don’t we all have justifications that need to blow away? What are you using to tell yourself you’re ok? The friends you have? The grades you get? The talents and abilities you possess? The people you’re NOT like? The mistakes you HAVEN’T made? The job you have? The acts of service you perform? The position you hold on the social/moral hot topics of the day? “Child, believe me, the hour is coming when none of these things will hold you up.” You need an upgrade. And there is an upgrade, but the beautiful thing is that this is the last upgrade you’ll ever need. It’s the ultimate download. Windows 4.ever. It’s Jesus Himself. That’s what He offered the Samaritan woman, and that’s what He’s offering us. Himself in the Sacraments. Himself in His Body, the Church. If you haven’t plugged-in, don’t you think it’s time? If you have, how about checking the connection and cleaning out your hard drive. It’s Lent. Seems like a good time to reboot.

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