March 24, 2013 – Palm Sunday

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“You want me to do what?  Really, me?  Do you know who you’re talking to?”  That’s been my usual reaction when I’ve received invitations (and challenges), both from friends and sometimes, not so clearly, from God:

  • “You want me to run for a class office?”
  • “You want me to go out for the school play?
  • “You want me to give a talk on retreat?”
  • “You think I should enter the seminary?”

When I get invitations that cause me to stretch, I usually think “I’m not worthy.”  I make a mental list of all the reasons why I am NOT the person they want.  I know my limits really well.  Another thing I do (and I notice tons of teens and adults doing this) is that I COMPARE myself to others.  I always wish I had the looks, humor, family or talent of someone else.  It’s as if I think only certain people are the “call-able” or “invite-able” type, especially when it comes to God.  I disqualify myself a lot because I don’t fit the mold of what I think God is looking for.

At this weekend’s Palm Sunday Masses, we hear a (bonus) reading during the opening procession.  The apostles are preparing to help Jesus make his entrance into Jerusalem.  What’s interesting here is that Jesus doesn’t tell them to get a horse, the usual majestic animal for kings to ride.  No, Jesus tells the apostles to get a colt, a younger animal.  (In other versions of the gospels, the animal named is a mule/donkey).  I imagine even the apostles looked at Him as if to ask Him if He were sure.  Jesus told the apostles how to handle the question, and I really think He is telling us, “The Master has need of it.”  Jesus is using the ordinary and humble to make His entrance into Jerusalem.  I really identify with the colt/donkey.  “I’m not too bright.  I’m rather stubborn.  I’m not the fastest, the most glamorous or handsome.  I’m not experienced.  Surely there’s someone else that can carry Jesus.  I’m not sure I want all those people noticing me and have them second-guessing how I got in this position.”

Sometimes Jesus has reasons for asking us to be involved with Him, and we may not fully get those reasons.  I believe it usually involves us being close to Him…and also to bring Him close to others.  This week, who might Jesus need you (and me) to bring Him to?  The Master has need of us.  Let’s accept the invitation to bring Him to others.

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