March 27, 2016 – The Resurrection of the Lord

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Easter and Manure

Today I was driving my car and it was a beautiful day; unseasonably warm for early spring in South-Central Pennsylvania. I had my windows down and could see the pale, blue sky and white, wispy clouds in the upper atmosphere. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the breeze was washing over me. It was the perfect start to a seemingly perfect day. And then it hit me: the unmistakable scent of moist, fresh manure coming from the nearby fields. Yuck! Talk about breaking me out of my pleasant little dream. So I got to work and made a joke about it on Facebook and was reminded that it is from this manure that the new, fresh, local produce will grow.

And it made me think of Easter. I know, I’m a little weird. But stay with me.

Have you ever taken something old and made it new again? Have you ever taken something that seemed destroyed and brought it “back to life”? Perhaps it was someone else’s garbage that you recycled into a new treasure. Or you took something broken and repaired it. Or you found something really dirty and washed it until it gleamed bright as new.

God LOVES to take the old and make it new. The broken and make it whole. The dirty and make it clean. The dead and decayed and bring it back to life. He was born in a stable. He used dirty water and changed it into wine. He ate and spoke with prostitutes and tax collectors. He allowed an adulteress to wash His feet with her tears and dry them with her hair. He used spit and mud to make a blind man see. And He was beaten, scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to a tree and died on a cross so that He could rise from the dead and set us free.

God is not done with us yet. You and I…we are still a work in progress. We still have dirt that needs to be cleaned, brokenness that needs to be made whole, old things that need to be made new. But our Savior is a Master at His craft. And He who had the power to lay down His life and then take it back up again, will bring us to completion.

In His Divine Mercy, Jesus helps us cross the threshold between who we are to who we are intended to be. And we can trust in His loving hands to mold us and shape us. We can trust Him to bring good out of any bad. We can trust Him to see the finished product even when all we see is something old, something messy, something dead. In Him we have new life!

He is Risen! Alleluia!

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