May 15, 2016 – Vigil Mass

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Imagine with me, if you will. You’re afraid. You’re hiding because you know that people are after you. All of a sudden you hear a loud, strong gust of wind! Your breath is taken away by the immediate and intense wind that fills the room. You look around and notice that everyone is being affected by this boisterous noise! You notice that out of nowhere something is forming above the heads of your friends. Without warning, you are “on fire”…not literally, but you have this rage of energy that can’t be controlled! By your will you allow this energy to move you to the window and begin speaking. You are on a mission, and you start out to share this energy, this hope, this love with others.

That is what happened at that first Pentecost. The Apostles were compelled and drawn outside of themselves to share the life of Jesus with others. They couldn’t just have a personal, separate relationship with Christ; but that it is within the community that the richness and strength of the Holy Spirit is drawn forth.

What is amazing is that the same Spirit compels and draws us outside of ourselves! We may not have tongues of fire above our heads, but the same amount of strength, reality, help that the Holy Spirit gave to the Apostles is given to us. We must go out into our streets (classrooms, hallways, lunch rooms) and share the life of Jesus with others. In the Second Reading, St. Paul tells us, “There are different gifts but the same Spirit; different forms of service but the same Lord; different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” What gifts do you manifest? How do you serve? How do you allow the Spirit to enliven you and lead you into the world to love as God loves, to speak to those you meet about the God who saves? You are on a mission! Come, Holy Spirit, come!

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