December 6, 2015 – Second Sunday of Advent

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A Savior worth the Wait

As we enter into the 2nd Sunday of Advent we enter into the chaos. Right now, the average American has a cluttered life; from shopping for Christmas to the surge of work involved in the end of the fall semester, teachers, students and parents alike are just waiting for the Christmas break to get here. Lean into that desire, that waiting for relief. Now reflect on the people of Israel. God’s chosen people of Israel are the target of God’s Word this Sunday.

The people of Israel, since the time of Moses and the great Exodus, have been awaiting the coming of a savior who would fiercely bring an end to all mourning, pain and suffering. They have been waiting for this savior for literally hundreds and hundreds of years. I get impatient when I have to wait for 2 cycles at a stop light, which is common during holiday shopping.

The first reading, Baruch 5, tells God’s people to move from misery to glory. It is a reading of hope, not just for future generations, but as an awakening to God’s leadership here and now. This is complemented by what Paul tells us in the second reading to ‘persevere for God will complete the work that has been started in us.’

Many of us have waited, like the people of Israel, for answers to prayer. Others of us are waiting for an understanding of why God made us the way we are made or what our purpose is. The first two readings tell us that this journey will end in JOY! God, not only will not abandon us, but He has been guiding us from the very start! No matter where you are at in your spiritual journey, no matter what areas you are ashamed of or want to hide from God, we have a savior who will bring an end to misery, pain and affliction…even yours.

The season of Advent prepares our hearts to spiritually welcome the savior who brings hope and healing. This is the Savior who we encountered at Baptism. His name is Jesus and He knows us, even if there are times where we stray from knowing him.

John the Baptist in the Gospel tells us to prepare the way for Christ and make straight the paths. Do not let the many distractions of this time of year deter your focus from our Savior who gently calls us to him. At my house I am tasked with mowing the yard. When I mow along the property line and stare down at the grass I am cutting, I slowly veer off to one side or the other. However, if I stare at the corner of the fence, that is my end point, I mow in a straight path. Preparing the way is not so much about perfecting ourselves for the Savior, but rather about focusing on the Savior who in his love and mercy brings us to perfection.


  • Listen to this song by For King & Country. It can be your Advent jam for this week.
  • Find a Penance service near you and head to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. John the Baptist would be proud as you make straight your path thought repentance.
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