October 12, 2014 – Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Well… these are some RICH readings! So many questions! But I want to focus on just one small piece.

I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry,
of living in abundance and of being in need.
I can do all things in him who strengthens me.
Still, it was kind of you to share in my distress.

We are all so preoccupied and worried about EVERYTHING! I just came home last week from a Junior High / Middle School retreat, and I was looking so forward to being there. I wanted to get away and have some fun…things have been so stressful for me this past month. Well, I got out to the retreat and Dang! Those kids were more stressed out than me! Middle school kids with no bills, no mortgage, and whose main concern was about how to find a few more Two-for-One drink coupons at Sonic. Not to minimize their worries, it just reminded me how Paul’s words are so important for us today.

There are going to be times when we have everything going our way and other times when we don’t. Times when we have a lot and times when we have only a little. If I rely not so much on my own understanding of the moment, but instead trust in God, I often find that even when I have very little…it is enough.I make it through just fine. My worry was often for nothing. If I had learned to lean on God more and not be so tied up in knots over the problems of the day, I would have been just fine!

So whatever your troubles or worries, whatever is your “need” or “plenty”, when you go to bed tonight, remember that you CAN sleep well knowing that it’s Christ who strengthens you, and in that passage it is Christ saying to us, “Be poor, be rich…but be mine.”

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