October 15, 2017 – Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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God’s holy mountain; the very heart of God who is the refuge of the broken-hearted, the grieving, those who yearn for rest, recovery and renewal. This is a very powerful image of the Kingdom of God; of hope for a people in desperate hope in their lives.

Life is a complicated place, whether it’s the ancient past, or the current present. The difficulties are for every generation, and each generation gets to take its turn in the gospel of life.

Today’s readings give us the Kingdom of God as a “mountain,” “God’s abundant providence” and a “wedding feast”. In this, perhaps, is the notion that wherever we find ourselves in life, God provides. God heals and transforms. In God, alone, do we find our truest selves and our deepest sense of call to life.

Of all the things that bring us a measure of security, peace, comfort, safety, belonging and yes, love….God satisfies the deepest hungers and thirsts. Not that our earthly hungers and thirsts are not a blessing, but to let God be our greatest source of strength, and hope, on which everything else rests.

Life is complicated. Difficult. Painful. And still, it is the greatest gift. As we strive to represent in word and deed, God’s holy mountain, God’s providence and God’s endless banquet, may we faithfully rise and fall, and rise again, as God pulls us through. And may we do the same for others.

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