October 30, 2016 – Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

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As the popular Christian song states, “Our God is an AWESOME GOD!” Think about the word “awesome” for a minute. What does that mean to you? Some words that can be used to define “awesome” are: inspiring, impressive, admirable, excellent, etc. Usually that word is used to describe something that catches us off guard and amazes us beyond our expectations.

Think about the first time you saw your favorite movie, or attended the concert of your favorite artist….that was a pretty “awesome” event, huh? Think of a time your favorite sports team won a close game, or the images that go through your head when you think of graduation…those are some pretty “awesome” moments too!

Now multiply those moments infinitely and they still don’t compare to the AWESOMENESS of our loving God. Our readings today talk about the true awesome power of God. We have a loving God who died so we could be right with Him when our ancestors were leading us away from Him, and even though we still sin, He loves us enough to forgive us…even though we don’t deserve it. His awesomeness is to be feared, out of reverence, and respected. His power is not that of control, but of love, because He gives us free will to choose to love Him back. All that is good about you is because of His awesomeness. All that is great about your future is because of His awesome plan for your life. And guess what? He is closest to you during the dark and tough times of your life because He loves you that much.

Yes, our God is truly awesome. What can you do today to grow closer in your relationship with Him? What can you do to share His awesome love with those around you?

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