October 8, 2017 – Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Wicked Tenants

Jesus is again sharing his stories, or parables, trying to teach us how to enter the Kingdom of God. Today’s Gospel is filled with drama: the rich, the poor, the greedy, the needy, the righteous, and the wicked. There is violence and death and the plight of justice for the innocent and judgment for the guilty.

I really don’t like violence. I cringe at action movies or war documentaries. When I see someone getting punched in the gut, I can actually feel my stomach ache. I have never found any pleasure in watching the funny home video TV show when people get hit or fall or whatever. How do people think that is funny?

My head, heart and body just hurts when I see other people getting hurt.

So, as I reflect on today’s Gospel, I have a hard time focusing on the “wicked tenants” and their actions. They are just mean, terrible, and evil. Their hearts are filled with greed to the point that they don’t care about how others feel. They have complete disregard for life – for others.

God is the landowner in this parable. He “leases” our lives in this world – grants us an opportunity to produce great fruits for His Kingdom. Through the rich soil of our God-given talents and treasures, we can do great things. We can spread His message of mercy and love to others by our work in the “vineyard”. Our work is our actions and our behavior – how we treat others and love others.

If we choose to be selfish and greedy by not sharing our gifts and talents, we “kill” the opportunity for others to know God. We “rob” others of the experience to be loved and know the love of God. We become the wicked tenants. On our judgment day, God will not be pleased. The sins of our “work” will take us further and further from the Kingdom of God.

Let us not reject the cornerstone of Jesus Christ. Take a good look at how we can be good stewards of our talents, time and treasure. How can we produce good fruits and an abundant harvest for God’s Kingdom?

Spend some time answering these questions and explore the opportunities where you can build God’s Kingdom and produce good fruits for His Glory!

What are my talents?
How can I share my God-given gifts with others?
How can I share God’s love through my actions and behavior?

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